Catching Up


OK, I have been slacking on the updates since our visit to Dublin, so here is a quick update…

On our flight back to the USA we had a 5 hour layover in Iceland, so we decided to take a trip to the blue lagoon - one of Iceland’s top tourist destinations.  We showed up to the Blue Lagoon after a 15 minute (and $65) taxi ride, only to be told that we needed a reservation, and they didn’t have anything available until late that night.  BUMMER.  On we went exploring the area, without swimming :( we jealously gawked the the tourists taking advantage of the swim up bar and relaxing in this wondrous spa. Maybe next time!


After our Blue Lagoon failure we boarded our flight to San Francisco, and mentally prepared for the 9.5 hour journey.  As I have gotten older, I’ve really began to hate flying - long flight times, long layovers, being packed in like sardines and the general bad customer service that you receive in the modern world of flight (don’t get me started on customer service).  So,  imagine sitting on a plane about an hour into your long haul flight, you get yourself situated and are starting to feel somewhat comfortable in the seat that DOES NOT recline.  You are slowly beginning to drift off to sleep and THE CAPTAIN BEGINS TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT  ON THE OVERHEAD.  Really?! This better be good.

Well, you can see from the picture that it was better than good, the captain wanted to let us know that we were now flying over Greenland and to look out the window.  WOW WOW WOW, what a spectacular view and definitely worth the interruption!

File_002 (2).jpeg


Still catching up! It has been non stop for us since we finished up with work just over a month ago!  Next stop on travels (without the trailer) was Brice Station Vineyard in Northern California, for our friends Leda and George’s wedding - AKA Hidden Valley Camp reunion!  We have lots of friends on the west coast, who we know from camp, and so catching up with them in Murphys, CA and in the San Francisco Bay area was awesome.  Work is starting to seem like a distant memory and the travel life is not disappointing us in the slightest! ;)



Back to Dallas - what?! We just left there! We flew back to Dallas for a few days to pick up (most importantly) Moose, and the rest of our worldly possessions, including our next travel vessel, which by the way, we need a name for - suggestions on a postcard please!  It was very strange coming back to Dallas, the place we have called home for the past 7 years, and not actually had a home to go to.  Thankfully we have lots of family to impose on when we are back in town!  


Dallas was hot, as usual, and we spent the best part of 3 days outside organising all of our things into our RV, the truck and my car.  It was just like playing a live game of tetris in the blistering 100 degree heat.  Finally we got all packed and ready to go, followed by goodbyes.  As much as I have had a bit of a love hate relationship with Dallas, surprisingly I was really sad to be leaving. Of course the hardest part is always saying goodbye to people, especially our family there - we miss you all so much and it feels strange to not see you every week!