Dallas to Detroit

Time to start the road trip (kind of)!  We drove 1200 miles, which we spread out over about 3 days, to the suburbs of Detroit where our parents/in laws live, and David grew up. Initially, when we sold our house David and his brother, Adam drove everything we saw value in and wanted to keep, along with our boat, to Michigan.  Now we were on our way with more stuff to fill up their basement YAY!  Plus an extra car to keep in their driveway - big thanks to Karen and Keith, you guys rock!


Who knew there was a Glasgow in Kentucky! David and I driving down the motorway in Kentucky and all of a sudden he pulls over to the hard shoulder, so, I follow behind and park my car behind him and just sit there wondering what the heck he is doing and why we stopped.  The next thing he comes running over to my car, yelling over the loud traffic, “ come get a picture by the sign”.  What?! Is he crazy?  Yes he is! We got several pictures/selfies with the sign and quickly got back into our cars and drove off.  As we proceeded down the highway and the rush of what just happened hit me, I thought to myself, these are the stories you don’t tell your mum Aileen.  Hi mum, sorry but David is sometimes a bad influence!