We moved our stuff and sold our house months before we ever left town.  #simplify #thanksadam



Selling our house was the first big step in our plan becoming reality.  Our house sold in less than 24 hours, which is not surprising in the Dallas Metroplex, and the realization of what we were doing became even more real!

So, how do you downsize from a 2,000 sq ft home to a 21 ft travel trailer?  Well, I’ll let you know when we finish the process!  

For those of you who know me well, know that I absolutely despise packing.  It doesn’t matter if I’m packing for a 2 week trip, moving across the street, or moving halfway across the world, I usually wait till the last minute and panic pack.  It’s a good thing David is a teacher, he usually ends up schooling me through the packing process by delegating small and simple bite sized tasks - just like you would do with a small child!  Needless to say packing for permanent life on the road has been more than a challenge and it’s still a work in progress, although the time is almost here. 

The only thing I can tell you about downsizing is that it’s not easy!  We moved from our house to an apartment for a short time and this allowed us to downsize slowly-ish!  We organized our things into three categories - storage, trash and coming on the trip.  Everything had to fit into one of these groups - there were some very serious conversations about coffee pots, knife blocks and other everyday household items.  It became a bit ridiculous, and I’m sure David got tired of me randomly saying things like “do you think we should take the toaster on the trip?”, this would then spike a very interesting conversation about how much we use the toaster, and would we miss it if we didn’t have it? But did we have room for it, was always the bigger question!  Not your average after work conversation!  And it didn't help that my decision making skills are about as on point as my packing skills!

As the departure from Dallas draws closer, the packing continues and becomes more and more intense each week.  This past weekend David and I had a productive few days moving some things out of our apartment and getting rid of more stuff.  I have been very focused on my wardrobe, because what girl isn’t, and I finally had it dwindled down to what was coming on the trip - yay!  I got rid of a bunch of clothes, decided what other clothes needed to go into storage and had my pile of “coming with” left in the closet.  So, I asked David to come and see what was left - he walked into the closet and just burst out laughing, after he composed himself he said “you're crazy if you think all that is going to fit”.  Like I said, it’s a work in progress...

The biggest lesson I have learned from the downsizing process is how much unnecessary stuff we have in our lives.  Material items that we don't need or use, stuff that is stored in drawers or cupboards, stuff we didn't even realize we had!  Stuff. Stuff. Stuff. Everywhere!  Time for a more minimalist life - a simple life is a happy life!


They happily accept wine as payment - thank you Peter and Pauline :)